Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paula and Scott's Wedding July 29 2011 --- Cake and Toasts

This segment of Paula and Scott's wedding story in pictures gives a peek into the cake cutting followed by the toasts.  I missed the actual cake cutting, but the wedding photographer did capture that.  But some of the photos I have are quite fun anyway.  The toasts by the Maid of Honor, Best Man and Bride's Father were touching, tearful at times, and often hilarious.

The cake was beautiful, and yummy, too!  For anyone paying attention to the initials, and knows that the initial of the last name is in the middle with the bride's initial to the left and the groom's to the right, will notice that these are reversed.  See what happens when in the "etiquette" order and you will see why Paula reversed it! 
The groom's cake was Scott's pride and joy! He loves old world maps and had an edible one placed on his chocolate cake.  This cake was yummy, too!  Of course I had a piece of each!

I was away from my camera when the cake cutting began, but Rebecca, the prof. photog. got some good ones.  But here I catch Paula wielding Scott's sword, which by tradition, had just cut the cake.  I think he just found out who the boss is!  Hee hee! But then again, these pictures are reminiscent of one I took when Paula was  looking at a lovely all-purpose knife she received as a gift at her bridal shower.....

....In fact, her expression here is much like that one!

Smart man, help her get that sword back in its sheath!

Time for the toasts! Here it looks like they are conspiring to flee before the roasting, I mean, toasting begins!

First Olivia, the Maid of Honor, with stories of college and years of best friendship.

Paula and Scott were touched by Olivia's words.

Then comes Cameron, the Best Man.  He and Scott have been friends for 26 years, since they were eleven! He told of their first meeting and other tales of their escapades I had not known about.  Trust me, I could tell stories about them that Cameron didn't!

Cameron is quite animated and here is preparing to tell a tale sure to make Scott wince......

... which he does while Paula has a good laugh!

Uh oh! Here comes Paula's dad! Jim started off by declaring "Paula, one more time... I did not push you on your bike into that tree!"

Oh, yeah! There is more to this story that I just have to hear!

Definitely! There is a good story here!

It looks like Paula is preparing for more..... which there was!  Oh, and Jim picked on Scott, too!

A side note to this series of pictures.... at the time not Jim nor anyone else had any idea that 10 days from that night Jim would be undergoing multiple heart bypass surgery.  Upon their return from their honeymoon, Paula went straight to the hospital in Salina, Kansas, to be with her dad and Scott had to go back to work at Offutt AFB in Omaha.  Happily, Jim is doing well and Scott and Paula are settling in at their new home.

Now, there are more photos, of course.  But for another day.  Thanks for stopping by and indulging me this joy of sharing a very special day in my family's life.

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  1. Oh Barb, I'm so enjoying the pix and stories. So happy that Jim is recovering and all is well. xxD