Friday, September 30, 2011

Finding Oysters' Pearls

It has been quite some time since I used this blog. Originally I wanted to write about family, art, life and whatever struck me as noteworthy (to me, anyway). Blogs always start off to be personal journals, of sorts, but by placing them in the blogosphere they are bound to be shared, as I'm sure this one will be to some degree. This is not my first, or even second, blog. I started with one to record our relocation to Missouri from Arizona and it evolved into a place to share photography. Then my cardmaking led to another blog dedicated just to that, and has pretty much taken over as the lead blog, so to speak. A couple of other blogs have popped up, which catalog other parts of my life, but haven't gotten much attention of late, either. 

The recent marriage of my son Scott to his beautiful bride Paula is the catalyst for relaunching The Oyster's Pearl.  Following are segments of their storybook romance that I am thrilled to share and, yes, brag about!  Thanks for visiting! 

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