Friday, August 12, 2011

Paula and Scott Wedding July 29 2011 --- Reception Venue

Just in case I haven't mentioned it yet, Paula and Scott's wedding was amazing!!  These posts seem to be a bit out of order.  Usually the wedding comes first, then the reception, etc.  But I didn't take any pictures before or during the wedding itself.  This was one wedding I was going to see with BOTH eyes, not with one looking through the camera lens.  Besides, their photographer, Rebecca Peters, is tops in her field and I will have more of her photos as they come in.  So for now I am posting some of the photos I took, mostly at the reception. 

Now the reception --- holy cow! What a party! The venue was Abe and Jake's Landing in Lawrence, Kansas, and is it ever unique!  It was originally a barbed wire factory built in the 1880's!  Even in it's renovated state it reminded me of the string factory in the movie "Mouse Hunt".  It's history is very interesting and the renovation nothing short of a miracle!  Here are a couple of photos and there are more here.

Dance floor

Stairway to the main floor

Sitting on the corner of the dance floor is a very large frog. I was told by the event manager that some people really love him and have decorated him any number of ways.  She also said that some people really hate him and have thrown covers over him, which actually brought more attention to him anyway!  Well, Paula decided that my mom and I could probably do something fun with this pathetic frog so put us in charge. In keeping with the very romantic story of Paula and Scott we went with a fairy tale crown and two posters.  One poster is a reminder that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.  The other poster (ala ABBA) invites "Take a Chance on Me!"  With my stepdaughter's help we pulled it all together and he became quite popular...........

............ especially with the little princesses in pretty party dresses.

Avery, Paula's flower girl, was quite taken with this fellow......

.... but seemed to be waiting for the magic to happen!

So the party began!  Introducing .................

Lt. Commander and Dr. Moseman!

Even though my flash didn't quite reach across the dance floor for these zoom shots, they both were just beaming and provided plenty of light!

With a few words of welcome and thanks to their guests, Scott and Paula got the buffet line going............

I don't know who the caterer was but the food was delicious!

Paula chose the colors royal blue and antique gold which made for a rich and stunning setting.

Well, there is the introduction to the reception and the party to beat all parties!  Thanks for stopping by! Check back again for more photos and stories. 

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  1. WOW, this looks just magical and I ADORE that frog! xxD